New HiLo Bean and Quinoa Soup

The Bean and Quinoa variety is made with Black Beans and Quinoa which is an ancient powerfood used by Inca warriors to aid stamina! Both quinoa and black beans are very high in protein and black beans are also known for being high in folates and they are great for blood sugar reduction.

Ingredients: Tomatoes*, Water, Black Beans*, Carrots*, Celery*, Onions*, Chicken Stock*, (Chicken Carcass*, Water), Quinoa*, Spinach*, Cider Vinegar*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Salt, Red Chilli Peppers, Garlic*, Ginger*, Lemon Juice*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Cumin*, Ground Coriander*, Thyme*, Black Pepper*

*From certified organic production.

Nutritional Information: Typical values per 100g: Energy 260kJ/61 kcal, Protein 4.1g, Carbohydrate 8.1g (of which sugars 2.8g), Fat 0.9g (of which saturates 0.1g), Dietary Fibre 2.5g, Sodium 0.2g (199mg)



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  1. Looks just delicious!

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